Run for the Money

Well, preacher on the TV, sellin’ me religion
Tells me that the Devil gonna come down and get me
If I don’t send money, so he can get richer
Says a lot more, but I bet you get the picture

Run for the money, break up the show
3 and 3 and 3 makes four
The things they says is certain sure
They just don’t add up any more

Give it to the rich, they call it enterprisin
Give it to the poor, they call it socialisin
Read it in the papers, you can bet all your buttons
Everybody gets paid, and it won’t cost nothin


If I get to heaven, here’s what I’m thinkin
Ain’t playing no harp, lord, done enough singing
Me and St Peter, we’ll go fishin
Catch a big mudcat and cook it up for dinner