“First Time Out” – lyrics

Met Beau Jacques at the Rocking Bowl
Notes: Beau Jocque was a great zydeco performer. We caught his very last performance at The Rockin Bowl in New Orleans. The next day we learned he had had a heart attack after the performance, and was gone.

Cher Marie
This song is about the French grandmother of a friend, who fled the German occupation.

Karen Came from Denmark (no lyrics)
A waltz for my mother.

I Just Want to See You
Cry in your beer country 

In This Mortal Heart
When Marietta’s mother, Mary, passed, 3 months short of their 50th anniversary, we took her father, Paul, for a private viewing. We walked in, Paul paused for just a couple of minutes , leaned over, kissed Mary on the forehead, and said “Goodbye, Sugar, Goodbye”. The he turned and walked out the door. We followed him out. I starting writing this shortly after, partly inspired by a verse from Ecclesiastes.

Sugar Ray Waltz
About an old friend I’ve long since lost touch with. We had some wild old times, right at the turning point from boyhood to manhood.

Run for the Money
I’m not sure what this song is about.   It was fun to write!

I Heard Them Say
A love song for my beautiful wife Marietta.

That’s the Way You Learn to Sing the Blues
Looking for sympathy?   You won’t get it from this song ……

It’s So Hard to Be a Man
Down deep, we’re shallow

When Did Those Promises Turn Into Lies
Michelle Poirier came up with the hook on the words.   The lyrics are almost word for word as told to me by Marietta about her first marriage.   Partly explains why women hang on long after they should let go.

JukeBox Mama
Time to do the happy dance!

Now Is the Time
In these troubling times, look to do the good that lies before you.    Patience and good will always remain as prime virtues.

Stay the Hour
A parting song.   Fare you well, as you travel on.