Stay the Hour

Stay the Hour

By many storms we get tumbled and tossed
Frozen by wind, and by winter frost
The warmth of music has gathered us here
A tune of friendship, played down the years
Love, sorrow, laughter are the notes of that song
Sing well your verse , before we’re gone

Stay the hour, lay down the glass
Lift up your voice strong and clear
So when you go where hard weather blows
You’ll remember the fine weather here

Too well we know that between each of us
There runs a river too deep to cross
Heart to heart arches over that stream
We’ve seen some water run under that bridge
Our roads lead on, where they go we never may tell
Where your road runs, fare you well


Now we must part, all good times must end
And we must face our storms again
When your winter lies driven and deep
The hope of spring time distant and weak
May our time here be a warm , balmy breeze
So one more time, before we leave

CH X 2